Playing for a cause

1 12 2010

Our game on Saturday was a big game.  We played the 1st place team in the league in front of our home crowd.  But what actually made it a big game was that we were raising awareness and money for someone in need.  A young man by the name of Igor was recently in an accident.  The accident left him paralyzed and in need of good medical help.

His parents sold their house and everything they had to send Igor to the U.S. for surgery.  Now, their hometown has rallied behind them as they try to pay for his rehabilitation which could lead him to walking again.  His family has moved to America to be with him and help him through the process and though our tickets sales may not have been millions of dollars, hopefully it will help.



One response

2 12 2010
Miva F

It is excited to read the beginning.but i’m so sorry about the young man.

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