Finish with a WIN!

24 12 2010

Our game last night was actually supposed to be played on Wednesday.  But apparently the other team heard that our Americans had travel plans on the 23rd and decided to change the game.  Another crazy rule here is that the home team can change the date of the game by 24 hours in either direction.  Needless to say, we were unhappy with the change.  I had to cancel my trip to Milan 😦 and others had to re-book flights which wasn’t easy because of the holiday travel, fog and snow delays over here.

So we gave them a good lesson by winning 86-64.  The win moved us into 5th place and we should continue to be solid when we return from our break.  I am very happy to be flying home to see family and friends a few days after Christmas!

Here is a link to a brief article about the game.  It’s in Macedonian but if some computers will translate it.


Tough 3-Point Loss against MZT

19 12 2010

Playing on TV and at home, we had high hopes coming into the game.  We started slow but got things going and had chances win down the stretch.  It just wasn’t meant to happen this time.  They made two free throws to go up by 4 with 5 seconds remaining in the game and took the win 72-75.

We are scheduled to  have 1 more game before the holiday break but there is a chance the game will be moved to January.

I still can’t do everything like before but my knee is improving everyday.

Great Win

14 12 2010

I just experienced one of the craziest games I’ve ever been a part of.  We won 90-78 but it was interesting.  First of all, it decided to finally get cold here (photo below) and as we walked into the gym, it was about 35-40 degrees!
After a thorough warm-up, it was time to go. I was happy to be sitting on the bench in a jersey instead of street clothes (my knee is getting better). The rowdy crowd of about 4,000 were right on top of us and making their presence felt with jeers throughout.  But from the tip we played beautiful basketball. We played great defense, shared the ball and made shots. We had a 35 point lead and went in to halftime perhaps shocked at how good we were playing.
The 2nd half wasn’t as easy as the game became very physical and dirty, and they cut into the lead.  Fans in Eastern Europe are very rowdy and they proved it by throwing bottle tops and anything else they could at us. They also shared their saliva with anyone near enough. And unfortunately the refs didn’t seem to care that the other team was actually kicking, holding and shoving.
One of my teammates was elbowed in the head. He was hit so hard that it probably broke his nose and a bone over his eye in his forehead. He had to go directly to the hospital and may need surgery. Another teammate left the game with a sprained wrist.  And our center, Big Chapp, got kicked in the back of the leg, shoved in the back multiple times, pulled, held and punched. Though these aren’t the best basketball techniques, when the ref allows, they’re pretty affective.
I got to play down the stretch of the game. And though I could not really drive hard or jump well, I think I was able to help the team on both ends of the court in other ways.  But the bottom line was we won!
To top it off, after the game when we were showering in the locker room, the boiler/hot water exploded. Not only did it prevent showers, but created a fog throughout.

First Macedonian Snow


Playing for a cause

1 12 2010

Our game on Saturday was a big game.  We played the 1st place team in the league in front of our home crowd.  But what actually made it a big game was that we were raising awareness and money for someone in need.  A young man by the name of Igor was recently in an accident.  The accident left him paralyzed and in need of good medical help.

His parents sold their house and everything they had to send Igor to the U.S. for surgery.  Now, their hometown has rallied behind them as they try to pay for his rehabilitation which could lead him to walking again.  His family has moved to America to be with him and help him through the process and though our tickets sales may not have been millions of dollars, hopefully it will help.

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