Finish with a WIN!

24 12 2010

Our game last night was actually supposed to be played on Wednesday.  But apparently the other team heard that our Americans had travel plans on the 23rd and decided to change the game.  Another crazy rule here is that the home team can change the date of the game by 24 hours in either direction.  Needless to say, we were unhappy with the change.  I had to cancel my trip to Milan 😦 and others had to re-book flights which wasn’t easy because of the holiday travel, fog and snow delays over here.

So we gave them a good lesson by winning 86-64.  The win moved us into 5th place and we should continue to be solid when we return from our break.  I am very happy to be flying home to see family and friends a few days after Christmas!

Here is a link to a brief article about the game.  It’s in Macedonian but if some computers will translate it.




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