The Give Back

What is life if we aren’t helping others?  There are so many ways to help so I try to do it in a variety of ways:

  1. Doing Your Profession Without The Paycheck.  Sometimes in basketball, there are people that need your help, and that you just want to help.  Do it.
  2. Take Interest. Life can be stressful.  A simple smile, joke, or comment can make the day of a cashier, waiter, or taxi driver. Do it.
  3. Radom Acts of Kindness.  When strangers or loved ones least expect it, do it. (When possible anonymously.)
  4. Donating Time.  Anything from volunteering to having a meeting, you have to take time to think beyond yourself. Do it.
  5. Donating Money.  Find something you believe in. Do it.

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