Win at Home

31 10 2010

Last night we collected another home win making us 2-3 overall.  The final score was 78-71 but it was definitely a game that we will just take the win and forget about.  We did not play the best basketball but we will use it to grow.  To see the box score click HERE.  If you are wondering why I didn’t play, it was because I had a banged up knee.  I should be back for our next game on Wednesday.

A Unique Team and GM

28 10 2010

I have an inchoate feeling that there is a bright future for ABA Strumica.  Part of the reason for that is our General Manager.  It is very rare that you come across an American GM in European basketball, especially in Macedonia. But what is truly unique about our GM, Ryan Smith, is that he is a Christian.
The reason Ryan and his wife Jyl are in Macedonia is to share the love of Christ and positively impact Macedonians.  That sure doesn’t sound like most basketball clubs, but it is working.  From top to bottom there is a Christian community supporting the team and doing big things in the lives of the people.
The team regularly takes part in community projects and also works with kids.  Below is a photo of our first workday cleaning up some trash in the community.  The vision for ABA is big and Godly, and I am excited to share a piece of what is taking place.

The Team at Work in Macedonia

If you are interested in giving to the ABA Sports Ministry you can visit and give to ABA Basketball- Balkans Ministry.

Photo Shoot

26 10 2010

We recently had a photo shoot and made posters of each player to be displayed in the gym.  I have attached a few of the photos from the shoot including one of the team on top of the local mall called, Global.  Luckily the photo is from far enough away that you can’t see me clinching my teeth in fear of heights!  Another photo is of a local guy I met here after one of our games, Vasko.  Vasko took a photo with my poster and used it as his profile picture on Facebook.  I thought that was pretty neat.  Vasko plays handball here in Strumica and seems to be a very nice guy.

A Fan, Vasko, Sent this to me


Saturday Game Result

24 10 2010

We lost 78-68 on the road to the 3rd place team MZT.  It was a TV game and their crowd was crazy.  We put ourselves in a place to win, only down 3 with a couple of minutes left, but we couldn’t get over the hump.  My apologies to anyone who tried to watch the game online because I heard that it did not work.  Click HERE for the boxscore.  We play again next Saturday.  This time we’ll be at home against a team we are expected to beat.

Game Saturday can be watched live online

22 10 2010

This Saturday the 23rd, our road game against MZT will be streamed live online.  The game is at 6:30PM local time which is 12:30PM Eastern Standard Time.  If you’d like to watch, go to and then scroll down and click “A2.”  Or just click HERE for the link and then click A2.

Big Win for ABA Strumica

21 10 2010

We had a great win last night at home 82-74.  It was a great team effort and a much needed win.  The fans and the environment were wonderful here in Strumica.  We hope to keep building on this!  Stats to come soon.

Players of the Week-Macedonia, Week 2

19 10 2010

They say a couple of nice things about me, but weren’t so nice to the team and teammates.  I truly believe they will realize how wrong they are about our team in the near future.  Here is the LINK.

Game 2 Macedonia

16 10 2010

After dominating the first 1/2 and going into halftime up 47-42, we played a pretty bad 3rd quarter in which we only scored 4 points.  We fought hard in the 4th, but our 3rd quarter hole was too deep.  We ended up taking a tough road loss 84-73.  Here are the links to 2 different websites for box scores.  The first is HERE.  The second is HERE.

Vlade Divac Documentary about Yugoslavia, the NBA and Drazen Petrovic

14 10 2010

I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Once Brothers” the other night.  It is an interesting look into life, culture and basketball in Yugoslavia in the 90’s.  It features the relationship between 2 national team and NBA players (Vlade Divac-Serbian and Drazen Petrovic-Croatian) and how the war divided them after being best friends.

If you are interested in basketball or Yugoslavia, it is pretty interesting.  There is a guy that has posted the documentary in segments on youtube.  This is the first segment (1/8) and you can follow the rest if you’d like.

Once Brothers part 1 of 8

Inspirational 7 Keys to Life

13 10 2010

The late John Wooden was a great person and a great coach.  There are books and books that highlight his talents and life.  One thing that I’ve come across that I particularly enjoyed was something that came from his dad.  Joshua Wooden gave a young John “7 keys to life” that since reading, I have tried to apply to my own life.

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Help others
  3. Make each day your masterpiece
  4. Drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible
  5. Make friendship a fine art
  6. Build shelter against a rainy day (faith in God)
  7. Pray for guidance and counsel and give thanks for your blessings each day

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