New Team

22 11 2011

After starting the season with 2 wins and 6 losses with ABA Strumica, I decided to move on.  The people of Strumica are great and I will miss them, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the right time.  2 Other players left the team as well as our coach, so I took the opportunity to depart peacefully. Now I have moved to the capital of Macedonia (Skopje) and am playing for KK Torus.

Torus is currently in 2nd place in Macedonia at 7-1.  The team also plays in the Balkan League (1-1), so we play games in Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Israel.

I am excited about the new change and look forward to settling in.  Unfortunately, the change came at the same time as a muscle injury in my leg so I will be resting for possibly 1 more week before getting into the mix.

Thank you for all of the support and I believe this is a positive step for me.  Here are two links if you’re interested in seeing a small amount of information about the team and the Balkan League.

Torus on Eurobasket

Torus and the Balkan League

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