A Unique Team and GM

28 10 2010

I have an inchoate feeling that there is a bright future for ABA Strumica.  Part of the reason for that is our General Manager.  It is very rare that you come across an American GM in European basketball, especially in Macedonia. But what is truly unique about our GM, Ryan Smith, is that he is a Christian.
The reason Ryan and his wife Jyl are in Macedonia is to share the love of Christ and positively impact Macedonians.  That sure doesn’t sound like most basketball clubs, but it is working.  From top to bottom there is a Christian community supporting the team and doing big things in the lives of the people.
The team regularly takes part in community projects and also works with kids.  Below is a photo of our first workday cleaning up some trash in the community.  The vision for ABA is big and Godly, and I am excited to share a piece of what is taking place.

The Team at Work in Macedonia

If you are interested in giving to the ABA Sports Ministry you can visit http://www.faithandlearning.com and give to ABA Basketball- Balkans Ministry.



5 responses

28 10 2010

Nice read… what’s the pic all about? What kind of work were you doing? Didn’t realize you had a blog…

28 10 2010

Hey, we were cleanin up some trash and stuff. I thought I sent you the link to the blog before!?!

30 10 2010
R Cheatham

Jeremiah, I have been sending your blog updates to the basketball team at North Georgia Christain Academy in Ellijay, GA. Several of the players have commented how they are inspired by what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

31 10 2010

That is great! Maybe when I’m home I can visit them in Ellijay.

31 10 2010
R Cheatham

That would be awesome. We would love to have you at the year-end banquet or to speak to the entire school at one of our our weekly chapels.

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