Great Win

14 12 2010

I just experienced one of the craziest games I’ve ever been a part of.  We won 90-78 but it was interesting.  First of all, it decided to finally get cold here (photo below) and as we walked into the gym, it was about 35-40 degrees!
After a thorough warm-up, it was time to go. I was happy to be sitting on the bench in a jersey instead of street clothes (my knee is getting better). The rowdy crowd of about 4,000 were right on top of us and making their presence felt with jeers throughout.  But from the tip we played beautiful basketball. We played great defense, shared the ball and made shots. We had a 35 point lead and went in to halftime perhaps shocked at how good we were playing.
The 2nd half wasn’t as easy as the game became very physical and dirty, and they cut into the lead.  Fans in Eastern Europe are very rowdy and they proved it by throwing bottle tops and anything else they could at us. They also shared their saliva with anyone near enough. And unfortunately the refs didn’t seem to care that the other team was actually kicking, holding and shoving.
One of my teammates was elbowed in the head. He was hit so hard that it probably broke his nose and a bone over his eye in his forehead. He had to go directly to the hospital and may need surgery. Another teammate left the game with a sprained wrist.  And our center, Big Chapp, got kicked in the back of the leg, shoved in the back multiple times, pulled, held and punched. Though these aren’t the best basketball techniques, when the ref allows, they’re pretty affective.
I got to play down the stretch of the game. And though I could not really drive hard or jump well, I think I was able to help the team on both ends of the court in other ways.  But the bottom line was we won!
To top it off, after the game when we were showering in the locker room, the boiler/hot water exploded. Not only did it prevent showers, but created a fog throughout.

First Macedonian Snow




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14 12 2010

Wow. This reminds me of that PHS game at White County in about 1994 or 1995. We lost in overtime but the fans still attacked us as we left the court. The police had to intervene and help us get out of the county. Coach Culbreth and I still laugh about that one every now and then.

Glad you didn’t get hurt, Jeremiah. And I hope your teammate heals soon.

14 12 2010

Just realized I could click on the article title to jump over here…. Glad you weren’t injured!

15 12 2010
Miva F

Terrible bottle tops but pretty win~

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