Thanksgiving in Macedonia

26 11 2010

Even though I’m halfway around the world, I have many things to be very grateful for, and Thanksgiving 2010 was very special.  I am very lucky to have Americans teammates to experience Macedonia with.  And perhaps I’m even luckier that 3 of them are married!  The women never let a holiday or holiday cooking pass by without a little hoopla.

Since our coach is American, we only had 1 morning practice (I began jogging)  to free up the day for food, football and falling asleep.  David and Anna Buchberger hosted our Thanksgiving at their apartment and Anna, Halee Stimson and Sara Jakus did the cooking.  They had to get creative with some recipes but their creativity was perfect.  We had a huge Turkey which Sara went to the capital (Skopje) for, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn, a pretend sweet potato dish and 3 amazing desserts!  I probably left a few foods off the list but it was all phenomenal.

It’s not very often that it hits me that I’m so far from family, but it did.  I always miss them, but it only hits me from time to time because I have years of experience in being away.  But I spent some time walking around the city and actually stopped by a small Orthodox Church and enjoyed some alone time.  Then I was able to talk to almost everybody in my immediate family on the phone which was great. I also received some Happy Thanksgiving messages on Facebook which was nice.

All in all it was a special Thanksgiving.  But I again forgot to get the camera out for pictures…




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26 11 2010

Sounds like we had the exact same thing for thanksgiving dinner! This was the first thanksgiving without Katie and Scott, didn’t seem quite right….I’m sure you were greatly missed by your family here. I saw your grandma in Kroger while we were there for the wedding and had a nice chat with her- very sweet lady. Take care-will be thinking about you during these holidays!

27 11 2010
Miva F

I miss you!!

27 11 2010

Thank you Marsha, I’m happy to be coming home just after Christmas which will be great 🙂

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