Playing Basketball Overseas 101

10 10 2010

6 Important things to do when going overseas

All of this information came from players who have been through the transition of college basketball to playing overseas…

1.  Be Open-minded

It will be different.  No matter how prepared you think you are, there will be new things that you may think are weird or stupid.  Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s drills in practice, but keep an open mind and things will go a lot smoother.

2. Be prepared

What’s the point in being there if you’re not ready?  A first impression is a lasting impression.  Plus, if you get sent home right away, I’m pretty sure your agent will work a little less for you or think less of you.  It’s your job so be prepared.

3. Be Able to Adjust

Flexibility and adjusting will help you succeed and have a great career.  There are many talented basketball players in the U.S…have you ever wondered why so many of the spent significant years playing in the U.S. minor league systems like the ABA?  Oftentimes they just can’t adjust to the life or the style of play in other places.

4. It’s a Business
The teams are trying to win and make money.  You could be playing great but if the team is losing and money is tight, there could be problems.  Since it is a business, use it to your advantage and do everything you can to make yourself marketable and a good investment.

5. Have Fun

Guess what.  You play a game for a living.  Basketball is your job.  It’s a game you’ve played your entire life because you enjoy it, so keep a healthy perspective and realize how good you have it.

6. Develop a life off the court

If you’re coming from college and all of your free time was spent writing papers and getting ready for tests, that’s over.  Now your only responsibility is to play.  With that said, develop your other hobbies and interests to keep from being bored.  Get a few friends away from the court that you can hang out with and feel like a normal person.

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