To Hong Kong with Jerry Stackhouse

10 11 2014

A weekend trip to Hong Kong doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Over 15 hours flying for just over 24 hours on the ground is tough.  But Jerry Stackhouse was the perfect candidate for the task.  When asked about 10 days prior to the event, if The Skill Factory could bring a former NBA player to Hong Kong as the Ambassador for the Hong Kong Sports Festival, it seemed unlikely.  But when I connected with Jerry, I knew it would be a great trip.  We visited hospitals, talked to kids, shook hands, took pictures and of course signed autographs.  All with smiles.  Jerry was received by one of his biggest fans in the world who owned Stackhouse jerseys and shoes that even Jerry didn’t have.  The best part about it all was that Jerry did it all with a smile and a pure heart.  Grateful and kind.  Selflessly and with a message.  It was definitely special to see such an influential athlete giving back!  Thank you to the guys in Hong Kong, Jerry, and The Skill Factory!

See the Link for a video recap! 

An Amazing Challenge!

11 08 2014

After a summer of weddings and basketball work, I decided to take my first physical challenge in a while.  I’ll set the tone with this; what is the steepest incline setting on a treadmill? Answer: 15%.  OK, let’s more than double that to a 32% incline.  Imagine that  same 32% incline for around 70 yards.  Now imagine that 70 yards of 32% incline on wet grass in the early August heat of Connecticut.

The Hill!

The Hill!

The Challenge…run that hill 100 times!  Yes, 100 times!  That totals to around 7.2 miles of running…7.2 miles!  This was the challenge put forth by The 100 mile man himself, Jesse Itzler.  Jesse invited an exclusive group of professional cyclists, marathoners, NFL players, UFC fighters, and somehow me, to take the challenge with him.

The challenge was about toughness, grit, physical exhaustion, perseverance, dedication, and mind over matter.  But par for the course with Jesse, it was also for Charity. For every hill, Jesse donated $10 to each runner’s charity of choice.

Cramping, blisters, changing of strategies, questions, and doubts all mingled with one another in the being of Jeremiah during my 2.5 hour journey to completion.  But with positive peer pressure, and a DJ, I was able to finish!  On cue, as I topped the hill for the 100th time, my legs locked down with cramps and continued in unbelievable soreness.  Every bit of soreness was worth it.  To see more, visit,

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