Game Clips

3 03 2011

I’ve uploaded a few clips from 3 games early in the season.  To see them, either CLICK HERE or go to the Highlights&Profile section and look for the Macedonia clips.

Also, here is the footage of the last few minutes of our last game (win again 2nd place team).  CLICK HERE



3 responses

8 03 2011

Nice clip.Do you celebrate every win like that? I didn’t like the missed free throw however. ha ha. Do they have lane violations over there? Good luck in the tourney.

Play Strong

8 03 2011

haha, we don’t celebrate after every win like that, but maybe we should. and they NEVER call lane violations, it’s reallllly strange.

8 03 2011

Very cool clips. Got any home games on vid? How is your home crowd- rowdy. They sound like soccer games-ha

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