Double OT Win

22 02 2011

A pep-band got everything turned up a notch as we started the game.  The other team (Ovche Pole) came out strong and seemed to make every shot they took.  We settled down and so did their shooting percentage and we went into halftime trailing by 5.

As we did our two lines of warm-ups to get ready for the 3rd quarter I heard a loud noise; then I heard the crowd cheering.  I turned around to see what had happened and the rim had fallen off the basket. Nobody dunked, nobody grabbed the rim, it just fell completely out of the backboard to the ground…pure ridiculousness.

Finally an hour later, it was replaced and the game went on.  We continued to play hard and fight our way into the game, and as the 4th quarter came to the last moments, we found ourselves taking the ball out of bounds at half-court with the score all tied up.  There was 3.5 seconds left and coach drew up a play for me to get the ball.  I felt good.  I hadn’t been making shots, but I felt good.

I caught the ball at the top of the key, about 5 feet behind the 3-point line.  I took 2 dribbles to my left and went up for a shot, but the defender fouled me on the way up.  Naturally I think, game over. I’ll make at least 1 of the 3 free-throws and we’ll go home.
The referee decided the foul was on the floor and I wasn’t shooting.  So we got the ball back with .5 seconds and couldn’t get a shot off.  Overtime carried on much the same.

This time down 2 with 15 seconds I had the ball for a pick and roll.  I drove hard down the lane and went up for a short shot.  With some contact the shot went of the back of the rim.  But a hustling teammate (Marcus Neal) grabbed the rebound and layed it in.  To double OT it went where center John Chappell continued to handle business and we took the win.  It was another very positive victory for our team.



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28 02 2011

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