Highlights & Camp

28 04 2011

I have posted a couple of new highlight clips from 2 games in March under the Highlights section of the blog and listed it as Macedonia-2.  You can also see the video by clicking on the link HERE.

One thing I love about the off-season is having the chance to work with young people.  This is the most rewarding part of playing basketball, so I will also be conducting a basketball camp in Jasper May 9th-12th.  The camp is open to both boys and girls ages 8-12.  It will be from 4-6pm at Jasper Middle School.  The cost is $60.  Please email me (jtb2002@gmail.com) to reserve a spot or with questions.

End of the Season

15 04 2011

We finished our season Wednesday with a 88-92 loss to the 4th place team.  The loss put us finishing the season in 6th place which was not great, but acceptable considering the injuries and other challenges we faced.  I really enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the experience in Macedonia.

We also had a nice dinner/banquet on Tuesday and were reminded of all the positive memories over the season. There are some great guys and people involved with this team.  I’m hoping the best for everyone moving forward.

Thank you to all the friends, family and fans for the support!

Some Rest

21 03 2011

After a few tough losses, we have some time off.  We do not play again until April 2nd, so this week of rest will be rejuvenating.  It has been a tough stretch of games mentally and physically so the break comes at an opportune time.

I think a few teammates and I will go to Greece for a day or two, and I may go to Bulgaria for a couple of days as well.  It will be good for us to take our minds off of everything.

To see the last box score (loss to MZT), CLICK HERE.

Moving Forward

14 03 2011

We had a tough week.  We lost on Wednesday on the road, and then lost at home on Saturday.  It was a little deflating and makes our chances of advancing in April very difficult but we will dust it off, stay positive and move forward.  This week we play 2 more good teams (Wednesday, Saturday), both on the road. Box Scores to the last 2 games are here: Loss to Rabotnicki (60-75)Loss to Lirija (it says we won but it’s wrong, along with the score)

I am hoping to figure out my summer plans (when I will be home etc) over the next two weeks as well.  Spring is in the air here with beautiful warm weather.

Couldn’t knock off the champs

7 03 2011

We went on the road to play Feni Saturday.  Feni hasn’t lost at home all season.  I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that they haven’t lost at home in the last 3 seasons.  We played hard and gave ourselves a chance but lost 89-82.  To see the box score, CLICK HERE

We play on Wednesday on the road against another good team.  It should be fun.

Win vs. 2nd place team

28 02 2011

We had another great win this weekend.  The fans were great and we won a tough and significant game for us.  We are proving that we are capable of beating anybody when we play the right way.  We got another great performance from our American center John Chappell.  Chapp, or “Chap-Nasty” as I like to call him finished with 18 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks in the 75-72 win.  To see the box score click HERE.

We have a few tough games ahead on the road, but we hope to use this momentum to continue improving.

And We Advance!

15 02 2011

Saturday was the biggest game of our season and we stepped-up to the challenge and got a great win.  We still have 1 game next weekend, but it will not change our fate: we are advancing to the top 6.  Now we will play each of the other 5 teams twice (for you mathematicians, that’s 10 more games).  If we are able to climb into 4th place between now and mid-April, we will advance further.

The win on Saturday was a great team victory.  We played great defense and won as a team.  With a healthy roster and a team growing together, we hope to surprise some people.

A win is a win

31 01 2011

We played Saturday at home against the 9th place team in the league.  Though we controlled a comfortable lead for the entire game, we only won by 3, 82-79.  The win keeps us tied for 5th place in the league with 3 games left before the 2nd half of the season starts.  To see the box score and recap click HERE.

Growin Pains..A loss in the MK Cup

27 01 2011

Sometimes 2 steps forward and 1 step back feels more like 2 steps forward and 5 steps back.  We lost last night in the Macedonian Cup which probably felt worse than what it was.  We had stretches of bad basketball mostly because of our 21 turnovers.  Going into the fourth quarter we were down 6 but ended up losing by 14. And since we only won by 2 at home, they advance.

Now we are ready to start the regular championship games this Saturday.  We have 4 more regular season games in this championship before it splits into 2 groups (the top 6 and the bottom 4).  Currently we are in 5th need to stay in the top 6!

To see the box score from last nights game, click HERE

Back with a Win

24 01 2011

After a great holiday break of seeing the family and visiting friends, I’m back in Macedonia.  We played our first game of the Macedonian Cup last night and won 62-60.  It was a great game because we showed character to win a close game against a good team even though we shot the ball poorly.  The way the Cup works is that we will now play the same team (Torus) on Wednesday at their place and the point spread determines who advances.  Meaning if we win or lose by less than 2, we will advance.

It feels great to be on the court and feel healthy!  No problems with the knee.  To see the box score click here!

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